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  • Hex Flange Bolts
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  • Double ended Studs / Pins
  • Other Special screws
  • Stud M6x25
  • Latch Bolt M6x34
  • Square Head Screw M6x15 With Doc Point
  • Plane washer
  • Spring Washers
  • wave washer
  • Socket Head Screws
  • Socket Button head screw
  • Socket CSK screw
Rivets & Studs
Cold Forged Rivets

We supply Round head Chasis Rivets in all sizes. All other types of rivets can be forged in sizes from 4 mm to 12 MM as per customer specifications. The Material composition, raw material processing and stress relieving process are well controlled to ensure proper rivetting at customer end.


Range : 4 MM to 12 MM
Standard : As per customer spec
Class : 4.6 , 6.8

Pop Rivets

We supply various sizes and types of Pop Rivets for different applications as per customer requirements. Rivets are available in all combinations of Steel and Aluminium material.


Range : M5 to M8
Standard : As per customer spec
Class : 6, 8

Cold Forged Studs

We manufacture all types of cold forged studs for various applications like gear box, engine assembly, load body fitting etc. Metal end of the studs are threaded as per Force fit standards. For identification Nut end chamfer is converted into radius shape.


Range : M6 to M12 (20mm to 75 mm length)
Standard : IS 1862
Class : 6.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9

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